Raise your hand if you ever…

✋Thought about starting a podcast

✋Went straight to Google and spent hours on Amazon looking at mics

✋Got overwhelmed, scared, and gave up

Yup, that was me too.  I've done all 3 of those things quite a few times before I actually hit “record.”

What if I told you podcasting wasn't as hard as you think?

In fact, you could go from overwhelmed to confident thought leader in no time. 

Introducing my signature 5 step system...

The Podcast Design Framework

A simple step-by-step guide to go from idea to launch in just 30 days. 


Host of the Math Mindset Reset Podcast

"Brittany's five steps to starting a podcast helped me go from feeling lost and stuck in the mud to feeling confident with a clear plan. I got my podcast launched in 2 weeks with her support and help! I absolutely couldn't have done it without her."

Wondering how I got here?


I’m a fourth grade teacher, boy mom to three, and the host of The Teacher Leader Podcast.

Before I started my podcast, I knew that I had a message that I wanted teachers to hear. Not being much of a writer, I knew blogging just wasn’t for me. I loved bingeing podcasts in the car, on a walk, and even while cooking dinner.

And then it hit me… 

During one of my walks with my one year old, I decided that if these people could start a podcast, then so could I.

So what did I do?!

I dove headfirst into the Google rabbit hole. And I got overwhelmed. Fast!
I purchased courses, roadmaps, and watched countless tutorials. I thought that there had to be an easier way.

I did all the research, got advice from amazing podcasters, and created a community of teacher podcasters so that you don’t have to!

In my program, you'll learn...

Everything you need to get your podcast off the ground

MODULE 1: Plan

We will start off with a bang and make some big decisions!

In this module y

  • Set a date for your launch 
  • Find your "why" and your audience
  • Pick your format, episode length, and frequency  
  • Plan for an epic launch
Module 2: Brand

A brand is so much more than fonts and color schemes.

In this module you’ll...

  • Create a recognizable brand with a strong podcast name
  • Create your cover art
  • Write your bio and memorable, clear description                                                                      
Module 3: Content

Crafting content doesn’t have to be hard.

In this module you'll...

  • Figure out your zone of genius and content buckets 
  • Create easy to consume content
  • Plan out your content ahead of time to make it super easy and stress free 
  • Create a template to plan out your episodes
Module 4: TECH

Don't let the tech stand in your way. 

In this module, you'll...

  • Pick a hosting site, microphone, and any other equipment you need
  • Learn how to record and edit your episodes like a pro with both free and paid software options
  • Get listed in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more!

Oh, and there's MORE!

To help you get started on your journey as a fabulous podcast host, you’ll also get...


You brainstormed, planned, recorded, and are ready to publish your podcast!

Woohoo! But now what?!

Module 5 will help you create a launch week that hypes up your audience and gets people excited about your podcast BEFORE you even make it live.  

Valued at $27


Gain access to the Podcasting Teacher Community!

Together we will brainstorm, perfect, and bounce ideas off one another in order to flush out the vision of our ideal podcast.

Valued at $57


We all need a little accountability.

During your 30 day intensive, we will check-in weekly to make sure we are staying focused and moving towards our goals!

Valued at $17


This is THE content planner that you need. Trust me!

Plan out all your whole season in a day, organize your show notes, and I'll even show you how to repurpose your content to save you loads of time.

Valued at $97


Easy to follow planning templates, worksheets, and checklists to keep you moving through the modules.

Because who doesn't love a good system?!

Valued at $17


Want to have a guest on your show? Have access to my swipe files with templates to pitch your show to a potential guest.

ALSO comes with a process guide on what to do after they say yes!

Valued at $47

"Brittany walked me through podcasting from step one and she continues to be a really supportive, knowledgable mentor! I would never have started The Teaching History Her Way Podcast without her guidance and support and most of all encouragement.  I’m really excited about my new venture and I have Brittany to thank for giving me the confidence to take the leap."

CherylAnne Amendola
Host of the Teaching History Her Way Podcast

I know what you're thinking...

Do you really need a podcast? 

Well, you might think that there are already so many podcasts out there, but trust me, podcasting still offers so much value and is still a pretty untapped market. Especially for teachers!

Did you know...

As of 2020, there are over 500 million blogs, 31 million YouTube channels, and only 1.5 million podcasts.

Podcasting offers a way to make a deep, personal connection with your audience through your voice. 

And I don't know about you, but the idea of creating high quality consistent content in my pajamas and messy bun that stands out among the crowd sounds like the life!



Price Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love this program, that I’ll give you 7 days to try it out. If you’re not completely satisfied after you’ve completed at least one module, I’ll refund the money, no questions asked. 


Absolutely! If you’re super ambitious you could get your podcast up and running in even LESS time. I recommend setting aside two hours a week in order to launch in 30 days. You will always have access to the course so if you need a little more time, that’s totally ok! You can do this at your own pace, or complete the modules with us as a group. 

Honestly, my students are MUCH more techy than I am. Who can relate?! All of the step-by-step processes that you need to get your tech ready to go is included! I offer a wide variety of options and I’ll answer any questions you have inside the group. Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Well, you could DIY it but how long will it really take you to launch? You don't want to sit on this idea forever, you want to start putting out consistent content as quickly as possible. I'm here to give you the support you need to take the plunge and hit "submit"!

You will have lifetime access to the course, videos, and all of the bonuses! The best part is that as I add in new content, you will continue to have access to it. 

"I felt your point of view help me see my audience point of view and I saw where I could get tighter in my systems and content/marketing. Now I know how to get from good too great."

Renee Pena Lopez
Host of The Magic of Littles Podcast